In Australia, Vellum is one of the leading names in the growing build-to-rent market.

Vellum’s team are experts across the whole build-to-rent lifecycle from project financing, development and construction, management of completed assets and even overseeing their sale. Vellum’s commitment to ESG means its investments make a positive contribution to society as well as delivering solid returns to investors.

Vellum is investing in high quality developments which deliver successful outcomes for:

  • Communities including NDIS residents and people wanting a stable, purpose-built rental housing option.
  • Institutional investors and superannuation funds
  • Family offices and trusts
  • Banks
  • State and Local Governments

Build-to-rent is one of Australia’s most attractive emerging asset classes thanks to increasing government support, local community and demographic trends and its investment track record success in similar overseas markets including the US and UK.

Each build-to-rent project goes through a series of phases between construction and being ready to provide high quality homes to renters and consistent, above-average returns to investors. Vellum brings expertise across the lifecycle, helping a wide range of clients achieve their build-to-rent goals through:

  1. Project financing
  2. Build-to-rent funds management
  3. Investment advice
  4. Build-to-rent ESG
  5. Development and construction
  6. Asset management
  7. Asset sale