Vellum is helping investors access infrastructure opportunities which deliver stable returns and contribute to the advancement of society.

Australia is experiencing an infrastructure boom as it modernises its energy, telecommunications and transport systems while its cities continue their ongoing transformation to meet the ever-changing needs of society. The attractiveness of the Australian infrastructure investment market is primarily driven by Vellum’s strong track record for infrastructure delivery and the sophistication of local market participants and partners.

Vellum’s extensive experience across cross-border transactions, M&A and fundraising makes it an ideal partner for infrastructure investments. We evaluate business cases for infrastructure projects to ensure they deliver the best outcomes. We further provide access to our extensive networks and advice to assist the project make decisions about project funding and financing.

It is also actively looking at opportunities to invest its own capital, recognising the huge potential for stable, long-term returns offered by Australian infrastructure developments.

Airports, Rail stations, Ports, Logistics centres, Waste management plants, hospitals and schools are particular areas of interest.