Fiona Windsor

Personal Information


Fiona is a strategic business leader with extensive experience in both public and private companies including Beiersdorf, Nestle, Dairy Farmers, Lion and McPhersons Consumer Products. She has built a reputation for providing strong leadership and strategic direction to transform businesses and achieve profitable and sustainable growth.

Fiona and her business partner established The Mawin Group in 2016 with a vision of sharing their commercial and strategic expertise with businesses looking to scale. She now works with Australian startups, venture capital-funded and private equity-backed consumer goods companies to grow their businesses profitably.

The Mawin Group’s current clients include Nexba Beverages, Licella, a successful Australian e-commerce beauty company, a sustainable consumer goods company and a well-known organic skincare brand. The Mawin Group consults to several private equity groups and venture capital firms in scoping, due diligence, acquisition, growth and exit strategy.

Fiona also sits on the Advisory Board for Nexba Beverages, one of Australia’s most successful consumer goods start-ups.

Fiona is an advocate for sustainable investing and ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance. She believes that by focusing on ESG a company is not only doing the right thing by people and the planet; it will also create competitive advantage resulting in sustainable long-term financial performance.