Vellum Approved Investments

Vellum knows it’s Investors have individual needs and tailored strategies to achieve their investment objectives. Vellum carefully selects investments from other global financial institutions to provide clients with innovative financial products crucial to a balanced portfolio.

Existing pool of financial products include those issued by:
– Banks and Investment Banks
– Corporate Trusts and Funds
– Government and Corporate Bonds
– REITs and Private Equity

And include such investment opportunities as:
– Investment grade Bonds
– Equity Linked Notes
– Structured deposits
– Fixed income
– Investment Funds
– Property & Equities

Vellum helps clients understand and navigate through the different products on the market and evaluate which are best suited to their investment strategy. Besides Vellum’s approved investment opportunities, our evaluation expertise is available to our clients to provide third party evaluation of external financial products.
Vellum is licensed to provide financial advice including assistance with setting up investment strategy and structure, and is licensed to distribute investment grade products including bonds, notes and external funds.


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