Vellum Perpetual Collection

Vellum Perpetual Collection is an alternative asset fund anchored in the consistently buoyant collectible motor vehicle market. High net worth individuals around the globe have known for years the value stored in rare automotive treasures, and now Vellum provides direct access to investors to participate in an asset class that has been out performing Property and global Equities by returning an average of 19.3% pa over the past 10 years (*Knight Frank wealth report).

Vellum’s team of experienced motor vehicle industry professionals combined with investment house expertise has created a powerhouse of investment strategy combined with the highest standards of corporate governance.

Comprehensive analysis and development of investment strategy is made possible through data collection and collectible car auction networks. Sales are often less subjective than other asset classes such as Fine Art and Property where only a single incomparable item may exist. Besides being consistent and highly liquid, the collectable car market has been a safe-haven in times of financial market volatility. During the 2008 Financial crisis a shift from traditional investments to collectible cars was observed as capital flowed into vehicle collections around the world.