Binuo Erth

Managing Partner

Personal Information


Binuo has enjoyed a distinguished career over the last 15 years in the financial services industry including roles as Managing Partner, Shareholder and Managing Director in several businesses before establishing Vellum Group – a diversified financial services firm and investment vehicle.

Binuo has extensive knowledge of business and finance laws, compliance frameworks and regulatory practices. She has led three financial license setups, seven fund setups and other regulated activities such as bond issuances, share placements and derivative design. She also has a strong technical background in a broad range of sectors including banking, energy, real estate, healthcare, agriculture, infrastructure and education.

Binuo is a passionate advocate for sustainable investment, exploring a range of projects with Vellum that meet the highest ESG standards and have a positive impact on people and the planet, while delivering returns for investors.

Binuo is a capital specialist with an extensive knowledge of the build-to-rent sector, helping manage the development and management of multiple projects through Vellum. She possesses a strong track record in Australia and New Zealand in areas such as mergers and acquisitions and divestment, capital raising, IPO process across multiple markets and strategic planning. She is experienced in raising funds from, and for, institutional investors including global banks and other financial institutions.

She has been successful in sourcing acquisition target, negotiation, deal execution, post-acquisition integration and restructuring.

Today, Binuo manages a range of ongoing Australian activities – centred around Vellum and its subsidiaries – including asset management, capital origination and corporate advisory.

Binuo completed her Masters in Business Administration at University of Technology Sydney and has degrees in Corporate Finance and Quantitative Finance.